Hello, Welcome! I am NIION, A Musician and sound designer. I like to make and build things somethings though and I’ve also done some 3D modeling. Take a look at some of the  things I've made over the years down below. Need to Contact me? Want to Commission me?



Various albums of music I have produced since 2012. The earlier work was made in OpenMPT, more of the later work was created with mostly FLStudio.

I also make the trailers for my albums with the art I commission for the covers, check out the animations below;

Click each cover below to visit the Bandcamp page to listen and download! Extra info under each image.

To hear works in progress and more you can access the Fans page HERE.
If you would like to commission a custom piece of music head over HERE.



I like to build and make things when I can. Here is my most recent creation, The Bass Cannon:

The Bass Cannon was a ‘concept weapon’ that would have used concentrated blasts of audio to propel enemies, That and its just super cool. I pretty much wanted a Video game weapon.

Here is an EMF recording device that I began working on for sampling the sound of Technology.


Below are some raw audio examples straight from the device with no EQ;


An audio video performance using audio via the video port of a CRT, then using my hand connected to a jack to pickup the Electromagnetic Waves.



I love to build 3D models, mostly level/world assets and vehicles, I use 3DStudio max and Photoshop for most. Here is some of my past work:


A large building project for a Cyberpunk city that was never fully realized. The concept was a company that disposed of the cities waste by compacting it and firing it into space with a giant rail gun. “If its out of orbit, its not our problem”.

A Tri-coptor drone for the same Cyberpunk city as the CitiClear building above. This would have been the courier service and Resident ID scanning for the city. The final model animated and would functionally fly around the city from designated way points.

For many years I had a fully functional Arcade project in Second life that I made with a scripting / coding partner. All the games worked in world and did not require any external media sources. It was one of our proudest achievements at the time.

A racing Hovercar for a concept racing game based on Junk racers made from scrap. Each car would be propelled along the track via giant, probably inefficient, electro magnets. I keep thinking about this project and might one day try to get it off the ground.

Sometimes you just need a good generic asset to throw around your urban creations! I made this camera to be fairly detailed but with not too many polys so that it could be used often in whatever city project I was building next. Sunscope is a psudo company I made for the job.

The Cyberpunk city project which featured the above CitiClear and Tricoptor had a networked system of terminals for information and funding so the city project could continue. This was one of the terminals which displayed all the info on the screen.



I occasionally need to design something for a project I'm working on, Usually involving typography. Here are some exmples: