Heya! I am taking commissions for small custom musical pieces! Want a Sting, Intro or Theme tune? I'm aiming these at people who would like a theme for their origional characters or sona's, however you can commission me for whatever you need really!
You can find the commission request form at the end of this page.

Potential Uses/Ideas;
• A Podcast or Youtube channel intro theme.
• Maybe a phone ringtone or notification sound.
• You want to know what your character would 'sound' like.
• Something you'd like to hear that you've not yet heard;
  ( e.g. "What would X GENRE sound like as Speedcore!?" )
• Just for listening enjoyment, a personal piece of music created custom for you.


All commissions will Include a WAV/FLAC file and a pre-tagged MP3.
Stems in WAV/FLAC form may be provided upon request.


•Sting / Loop•


A quick sound design clip or melody that works great as an identity for your character or brand. It could also loop depending on context.



A quick Intro tune of about 20~ seconds for your character, It can cover one major character point and style. It could also loop but tends not to.

•Theme tune•


A whole theme tune based on your character! Up to 3 Minutes long. I will try and create a piece of music that encapsulates the style and story of your character.




    Click the audio players below to hear a demo of each commission type plus the accompanying image and character brief.


    Lockwood Loop

    The received brief for LOCKWOOD:
    "Lockwood is an optimist, and innocent at that, but never seems to be able to stay out of trouble. They are always haunted by something otherworldly."


    Icarus Intro

    The received brief for ICARUS:
    "Cyberpunk Robo dog with bio-engineered organics, based off the emotions BoC evokes in me."


    Beep Theme

    The recived brief for BEEP; "Whimsical, down to earth, sleepy, desire to become magical, glimpse of sadomasochism, creepy and cute. Bright, 'anime-esque themes with an edge."

    For more examples of my style of music, visit my Bandcamp page.


    If you want to commission me then please fill in the form below!

    By filling in this form and/or commissioning me you agree to the Commission ToS.