• Commission Terms of Service •

By commissioning me you agree to all of the following terms;

Please note; 'I' will refer to Niion the Artist. 'Client' will refer to you the commissioner.


  • The client understands that while I will try to fit the brief as closely as possible there will be elements of my own style within the piece. This will likely be one of the reasons the client commissions me.

  • My musical ability stems from electronic production, I am not familiar with orchestral or guitar based music. If I feel I am unable to create what you envision then I may decline or cancel the commission as I would not be able to create expected quality content.

  • I will not work with any copyright material and will not create remixes or covers without proper prior approval from the original artist.

  • I will work on the piece as quickly as I can however the client will be part of a queue and some delays may occur. If the time frame becomes too large I may offer a refund at my discretion.

  • If the piece is intended to be used with/for a service/product that generates revenue of any kind it MUST be discussed at the time of commission. The client does not retain the right to make money off of my work without prior discussion.

  • The price for a full theme tune may increase depending on the amount of work required, this will be discussed before payment is required.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason before accepting.


  • Please be clear with your description and reference material so as to avoid any confusion during production.

  • I may be able to provide occasional works in progress at the clients request, minor changes can be made during production but none after completion.

  • I will not create a piece that is intended to be hateful in any way for any purpose.

  • I will not replicate another artists style unless drawing inspiration from it. The piece will be my own work and will always feature elements of my own style.


  • I retain all rights to the work and may post the work to Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Youtube for purposes of self promotion, The commissioner will be credited unless anonymity is requested.

  • The client may repost the work to media platforms but will ALWAYS give credit to the artist •Niion• and include a link to my website https://niion.site.

  • The client may not resell the work or claim it as their own unless they have full rights discussed prior to commissioning.

  • All commissioned tracks may be featured as part of a '£0 pay what you like' compilation in future.

  • If the client wishes for full rights to the music this may be discussed. This will be a much higher price.


  • Once a price has been agreed on an Invoice will be sent to the email address provided by the client. This is to be paid within 48 hours otherwise the commission may be canceled without notice.
  • Invoices must be paid only as 'services' with no address included, this will make the transaction easier for both parties.
  • No physical goods will be shipped to the client, a zip folder containing a Wav/Flac and Mp3 file will be sent to their email address.
  • Payment must be paid in GBP, no other currency is currently accepted.
  • Payment is required upfront. Tips are graciously accepted.

Refunds / Cancellation

  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time for any reason, a refund will be given at my discretion.

  • If a commission is canceled from the clients end mid way through production then they may only be entitled to a partial refund, if any, at my discretion.

  • If communication with the client is lost for longer than 2 weeks without prior warning the commission may be cancelled with no warning.

  • Continually rude and unruly clients may have their commission canceled with no warning and refunded at my discretion.

If you have any concerns with any of the ToS you are free to discuss them with me before commissioning.

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